Fantasy cricket turns out to be an online strategy based game. It allows you to formulate a virtual team of 11 players who will be participating in a real game.  Based on their performance in real matches points are allocated. Just you need to select the 11 best players on a given day as you need to be scoring more than the competitors. When you choose the best app to earn money in IPL think on the lines of a selector and put the best 11 players on the park. A point to consider is that they need to perform well in batting, bowling or be it fielding.

If you are new to the game of fantasy cricket you would be wondering what it is all about. Putting things simple it is an online game and is going to be part of the fantasy sports in the genre. Once again based on the performance of the actual players in a game points are allocated. In addition you can download the game on your smartphone, laptop or mobile phone and begin to play the game.

This is a game that requires excellent analytical and predictive skills of the players. You need to have a proper understanding of the cricket game. Hence a little bit of research is vital so that you can have a lead as compared to your competitors.

The benefits of indulging in a game of fantasy cricket

Most of us love to play fantasy cricket on these online platforms with a basic purpose in mind. It is to win cash prizes and discounts. Even when you are losing in fantasy cricket you are entitled to suitable rewards. For example if you win by a major chunk of points you avail cash prizes as awards and if you lose it is coins. With the help of such coins you can purchase merchandise from numerous top rated branded stores.

A major point of consideration when you are playing online fantasy cricket is the choice of players.  This is going to be the case for all the upcoming fixtures. When you are selecting a team the choice of a captain and a vice- captain is vital as it enables you to obtain 2x and 1.5 x points respectively.

An ideal combination of a team would have a great role in striking it big in fantasy cricket. When the final points are calculated the choice of the leaders has an important role to play. Even the victory would have an impact based on the players chosen in a team. Most of the members end up focussing on batsman and bowlers while playing fantasy cricket but they end up ignoring the all-rounder’s of the team. They are the ones who can contribute maximum to your points since they can bat , bowl and field. You cannot make such a mistake and make sure they are an integral component of your team. The choice of a team needs to have a deadly combination of batsman , bowlers and fielders.

Formation of your own fantasy based cricket team

Pretty much like a real game in fantasy cricket you need to develop a team of 11 among 22 players. During selection of the team ensure you are aware about the form and have an eye on the performance of the players you are planning to include in your team. Take note of the fact that you should not choose your favourite players but the ones who are performing exceptionally well. This would enable you to score big against other competitors in the game of IPL cricket fantasy cricket league.

  • The selection of matches based on skill levels- No way denying the fact that fantasy cricket is a skill centric game. At the drop down menu of the platform there are various options in terms of game. You can choose one day or T 20 as per your liking. Even you are likely to come across categories for the upcoming games. Coming to the upcoming games these are the ones that is not open for user participation. But you may obtain all the necessary details. If you are new to fantasy cricket it is better that you end up participating in an upcoming match. This is going to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the pitch condition, the form along with performance of the players and the weather conditions. Based on your skills and knowledge there are various types of leagues or contexts that you may participate.
  • Creation of multiple teams- So as to enhance the chances of your winning it is necessary that you develop multiple teams. Though it is better if you keep a core team of 4 to 5 members and work on the others. Try to figure out the best combination that works in your interests.
  • Changing of the batting order- when you are indulging in any fantasy based cricket you need to set your batting order and this would be from top to bottom. But after the toss the batting order of the opponents would be revealed which gives you a few precious seconds to change your batting order. This is a strategy that you need to adopt if you feel that this is going to increase your chances of winning.

By now it is an obvious fact that these are a few tips to follow and strike it big in the domain of fantasy cricket. Even you need to brush up your skills on the real game of cricket since it happens to be a virtual representation of the same. Make it a point that you are up to date with the cricketing world as things change at the drop of a hat. When you are participating in a game you need to be confident. There are some decisions that you need to take with a tough hand

Now why this wait, download your favourite app and indulge in a game of fantasy cricket at the earliest.

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