Most homeowners prefer modular kitchens in their homes. This is because modular kitchens are highly functional and appear very appealing. Besides making your life convenient, it upgrades your cooking experience. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while opting for a modular kitchen. One of the major factors that determine the design of your modular kitchen is the budget. Your budget depends on various things like the materials used, designs you have opted for, and finishes given. If you are not aware of the factors affecting your budget, you might cross it without knowing. Mentioned below are the various factors that affect the budget of your modular kitchen so that you can easily estimate the total price before designing it:

01 of 04 The kitchen shape and size

It is quite obvious that the size and the design of your kitchen will hugely influence your budget. There are various design layouts you can opt for like a galley kitchen, L shaped, or U shaped. Also, the price of the modular kitchen interiors hugely depends on the size of the kitchen. The bigger the kitchen, the higher the cost will be. If you want a fully functional kitchen with a kitchen island where you can serve food, the price will further increase. Good quality kitchen islands with a luxe finish can prove to be quite expensive. Other options like installing a tall pantry unit for extra storage may help to keep the kitchen organised but surely cost more than regular cabinets. You can further cut down the cost by opting for open shelves instead of cabinets with doors.

02 of 04 Cabinet materials and finishes

Just like the size of the kitchen, the materials you use to design your modular kitchen have a huge influence on the overall cost. If you opt for cheap materials, the cost will be low. On the other hand, buying good-quality materials will increase the overall price. However, you must always keep in mind that the cabinets stay exposed to heat and moisture for a prolonged period of time. Hence, it is imperative to choose a waterproof board like marine ply for the cabinets to ensure that they last longer. If you consider buying MDF or commercial plywood instead of marine ply, the overall cost may go down but the cabinets will not last as long as the marine ply cabinets. Similarly, the cabinet finish has a huge impact on the overall cost. Acrylic and PVC finishes are often used in modular kitchen cabinets because of their durability and appealing look but they prove to be an expensive option. If you want cheaper options, you can always consider opting for laminated shutters.

03 of 04 Kitchen appliances

A modular kitchen interior should be designed to cater to all your needs. This means including all the modern kitchen appliances that make cooking a more convenient experience. There are various types of kitchen appliances available. Depending on the kitchen appliances you choose for your modular kitchen design, the price will vary. The more kitchen appliances you opt for, the higher will be the overall cost. Some commonly used modular kitchen appliances are built-in microwaves, grills, dishwashers, etc. You have to decide on these appliances before the designing process is complete because the shelves have to be made according to the dimensions of the appliances. Consider installing a lesser number of appliances instead of choosing inferior quality kitchen appliances if the budget gets very high.

04 of 04 Wall tiles and flooring

Wall tiles and flooring are important aspects of the kitchen design. If you want to opt for cheaper but durable options, ceramic or vitrified tiles are a great choice. They are very easy to maintain and easily available in various colours, designs, and patterns to enhance the appeal of your modular kitchen design. Even if you want a luxurious look, avoid installing marbles as they can get stained easily. In a busy place like the kitchen where spills and stains happen frequently, installing marble can be disastrous. Choose a backsplash that is cost-effective and swap it in for a more expensive finish later. Always make sure the design of the floor and wall should complement each other.

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