Indian art has so much of importance in the world of art. Each of the Indian painting style practiced by Indian artists is exclusive and impressive. It is not possible for any artist to create these traditional paintings; it needs special knowledge and skill to create them. There are many famous Indian painting styles such as Pichwai, Pattachitra, Madhubani, Kalighat, and more that have their own significance in the Indian history. Here is all you need to understand about these Indian painting styles and how they can give your home an antique appearance.

1.Pattachitra Paintings

You will fall in love with Pattachitra paintings after knowing about them. They are traditional pieces of artwork that are developed with chalk powder & gum. They are usually designed on the cloth canvas to bring that richness in its look. This folk art style was initially famous in the West Bengal and Odisha but today it is popular across all Indian states owing to its beauty. The paintings speak about Lord Jagannath, Subhadhra, and Balabhadra. The scenes from their life beautifully depicted in these paintings. As soon as you hang these paintings in your home, your space will get an antique look and authentic feel. Hence, you must buy Pattachitra paintings online!

2.Pichwai Paintings

Indians are already aware about Lord Krishna and his tales. People already know about his mischievous childhood nature, divine personality to remove negativity from people’s life, and his heart-touching love story. The Pichwai paintings are simply about Lord Krishna and all of his devotees must buy Pichwai paintings online. These paintings are mostly created on cloth canvas for a rich appeal. Today, this painting style has become so famous that it can be seen on Indian outfits like suits, shawls, and sarees. Earlier, they were used only in holy places and temples in India but now they are a part of home décor. It’s such an extraordinary thing about this painting style. They will take no time to add an antique look to your walls.

3.Classical Indian Art Paintings

The third famous Indian painting style that will add an antique vibe to your home is Classical Indian Art. These paintings have a magical appearance and sense. Each painting is a lot more than just an art piece- it’s a historical lesson. You get to know a lot about the lifestyle of ancient people, their culture, rituals, and festivals.

Talking about the categories of Classical Indian Art paintings, they are mainly available in 4 categories that include Rajasthani, Deccani, Mughal, and Pahari paintings. Of these four styles, Mughal paintings and Rajasthani paintings are the most popular ones. You can easily buy Classical Indian Art paintings online from renowned art-selling sites.

4.Kalighat Paintings

Kalighat Paintings is the last Indian painting style on this list today. It came from West Bengal and is popular to bring an Antique vibe to any room. They show Indian deities and considered to be really lucky for every individual. These paintings help you a lot when you don’t feel good or sense negativity around you. These paintings highlight Goddess Durga and Kali who will keep you strong from within to fight against all negativity in the life. Additionally, you can give your pooja room at home a nice antique look with this painting.


Before you pick any painting, it’s important to consider the look of your painting and interior. You should always buy paintings online that matches to the style of your home and offer a smooth appeal. The above-listed paintings can offer antique look to your home so if you are looking for antique paintings, then you should definitely invest in them. Undoubtedly they will make your space look extraordinary!

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