End of series, destocking store, promo code and second-hand goods, an overview of good deals to find trendy furniture at low prices.

What are the good tips for shopping for decor at a low price? Where to buycheap furniture?Do not panic, small budgets will also find shoes to their feet to furnish without breaking the bank. To find furniture, appliances or even small decoration at a reasonable price , there are solutions and some tips not to be missed. Believe us, the small purses will no longer have any reason to deprive themselves.

Bet on low-cost brands


Low price doesn’t mean cheap! To stay at the forefront of the decoration trend at affordable prices, so-called “mid-range” brands such as IKEA, BUT, Conforama, La Redoute Intérieurs or Alinéa, offer new design, contemporary or Scandinavian style collections each new season. … Many of them are increasing their collections with designers like Monoprix or even  IKEA, which continues to accumulate resounding collaborations with Tom Dixon, the Danish design brand Hay and Virgil Abloh. Their common desire to offer the general public trendy decorative accessories at more than reasonable prices is increasingly palpable. For a little decoration, bet on H&M Home, Hema, Zara Home or Primark which no longer have to prove themselves.

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Also think about hard-discount sites that are gradually establishing themselves and are now attacking the home market. On sites like Electro Depot.fr and Amazonfr, the prices offered are unbeatable, suitable for small budgets and especially to satisfy the most eclectic tastes.

Shop for flea markets


Ride the wave of vintage and walk through garage sales, flea markets and other flea markets to find the piece that is missing in your interior. Hunting is trendy but the good bargain hunter must know how to negotiate. The French regions are dotted with these decorative appointments which sometimes offer prices that go far beyond reasonable. Negotiation is your unstoppable weapon to find your favorite object without breaking the bank. There is only one method to find the rare pearl at a more than fair price: get up early to be the first on the stands and not miss a single item… or go hunting at the end of the day to get lower prices!

 Think of destocking stores


The outlets offer discounted designer goods, from previous collections, discontinued items, exhibition models and unsold. The intermediaries are set aside and the manufacturer sells directly to the consumer. In these outlet centers (villages dedicated to shopping) only the old collection is sold. You can find a trendy decor or reinvest in classic furniture and especially household appliances. And for good reason, brands such as Darty, Conforama or even Tefal have several clearance centers throughout France.

Find the good deals


The Internet, this wonderful tool, allows you to make an overview of the best places to shop for inexpensive furniture without leaving your home. Between sites like La Redoute Intérieurs and Les 3 Suisses, which cut prices with unstoppable promotions throughout the year, and private sales such as Vente Privée.com or Showroom which continues to proliferate with flash sales showing discounts of up to – 80%. To look out for: the promo codes that hide in the meanders of the Internet ranging from -10% to -60% for the lucky ones.

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