Dazzling diamonds, though expensive, can be a great gift for your close ones. They are always great gifting options, especially for your partner. On occasions like wedding anniversary, birthday or any other important day, gifting your partner a piece of diamond jewellery will be a great idea. And one of the best pieces of diamond jewellery that you can choose is a diamond pendant.

It’s your anniversary, and don’t know what to gift your partner? The answer to your worry is- to buy a diamond pendant for your other half. A diamond is forever, and there is a good reason behind this popular saying. Diamonds are not only popular for being one of the most dazzling gemstones out there, but they are durable too. So, if you are planning to impress your partner and give them something memorable for your anniversary, a diamond pendant will be your best option. Diamond jewellery will always do wonders when gifted, so this one will help you get brownie points from your partner. But we know how tiring this whole process of choosing the perfect pendant can be. Do not worry; you will find out how to choose the perfect diamond pendant or any other diamond jewellery here.

4C’s of a diamond

The 4C’s of a diamond will determine the price, shape, size, look and durability of the diamond. Cut, Carat, Colour, and Clarity are the 4C’s that you need to keep in mind before choosing a diamond for your pendant.

1. Cut- choose a shape for your pendant. Different shapes of diamond include- princess, emerald, round, Asscher, heart, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and radiant cut.

2. Carat- The carat of your diamond will determine the price and the size of your diamond. The more the carat weight of the diamond, the higher the price will be.

3. Colour- The transparency of the diamond means the diamond is of great value. If there is a little yellow or brown tint in your diamond, it is slightly less expensive and looks not as good as the transparent ones.

4. Clarity- The diamond’s clarity is determined when there is not a single blemish visible on the diamond with the naked eye. Choosing a clear diamond will instantly make your diamond look more dazzling and expensive.

What shape and setting to choose for a diamond pendant?

 You get multiple options to choose from for your diamond pendants. Talk to a professional for more unique options of shape and setting. But some popular choices of diamond pendant shapes include:

  • Solitaire diamond pendant which features a single diamond
  • Three stone pendants include a main diamond in the centre and the other two on each side.
  • Heart shape pendant is heart-shaped and perfect for anniversary gifting.

Settings include:

  • Bezel setting ensures the safety of the gem as the diamond is completely wrapped with metal, either partially or on sides. This will lessen the sparkle of your diamond but increase its security of it.
  • The prone setting where several prongs hold the diamond in place. You have to make sure the prongs are strong enough to hold the gem. Also, more light will hit the diamond in this setting.
  • Tension setting where the buyer can opt for something unique and original design.

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