We all can agree that cycling outdoors is a great form of exercising your muscles, but it is not always possible to get outdoors, hop on your bicycle, and enjoy the ride. Therefore, a virtual cycling training platform allows you to enjoy cycling within the comfort of your home.

It is a really simple concept, you just need to log on to your computer and pedal away while watching cyclists around the world or moving your avatar by cycling away with other cyclists in a virtual world. You just need to find the right space to set up your equipment, get your training equipment, and plan a workout to boost your fitness. Combined these factors will allow you to enjoy the virtual cycling training platform even more.

However, before proceeding to the following steps, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Some of them are enlisted below:

  1. Choose your preferred type of trainer: For indoor cycling training, the trainers are divided into three major categories namely basic turbo trainers, smart trainers, and smart bikes or static bikes.

Turbo trainers are the most commonly used indoor trainers and require a bike to function. The bike fits onto the trainer with the help of a skewer that fits through the rear axle. The rear wheel rests against a drum, which spins when you start to pedal. This drum is further connected to a resistance unit.

Smart trainers automatically increase or decrease the resistance to simulate changes or to give you a more immersive workout.

Smart bikes are designed solely for indoor cycle training. These aren’t regular gym or spin-class bikes. These will usually offer the ability to monitor your power output, measure your pedal stroke, cadence, and heart rate, automatically control resistance, and much more. Smart bikes are the most expensive option when it comes to indoor training but offer the most convenient solution.

  1. Find the right training space: Once you have found the perfect equipment that will assist you in your workout session, it is important to fix the right spot for it. A congested, tight space might interrupt your workout, as well as decipher all the fun. Therefore, to keep your indoor cycling equipment you need a little open and free space depending upon its size.
  2. Get the right indoor training accessories: Workouts can be intense and lead to sweating and dehydration, which is why it is important to keep a water bottle nearby you while you work out. Also, sometimes hunger may strike you into long hours of workout sessions so remember to keep some fuel such as energy bars, or energy drinks within your reach.

You can also keep a small fan to keep you cool during intense workouts as it is not possible to get a natural source of air indoors, similar to that you would have when cycling outdoors. Trainer mats are also a good accessory to accompany your indoor cycling instruments as these prevent the equipment from moving or de-balancing on a slippery floor which may cause harm.  Last but not least; keep a towel handy to wipe off the sweat from time to time.

  1. Find a proper workout: To enjoy the indoor cycling platform, you are required to find a proper workout that sections various exercises into several sets and combinations. This helps in adding intensity to the workout as you can increase or decrease the number of sets you want to perform, as well as helps in adding variation to the pattern of your exercises.

Benefits of Virtual Cycling Training Platform

A virtual cycling training platform or an indoor cycling platform enables the users to enjoy several benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Realistic riding experience: Even though you are not riding your bicycle out in the open and experiencing yourself tearing through the wind and enjoying the ride outdoors, the indoor cycling platform has got you covered. These platforms provide realistic experiences by making use of high-quality graphics and realistic terrain modeling, creating an immersive riding experience for the users. These experiences help in maintaining engagement during training sessions.
  2. Data Tracking and Analysis: These platforms usually have installed sensors or tools that help in recording data such as speed, heart rate, power output, and much more. Therefore, with the help of these platforms cyclists can keep track of their performance and access detailed statistics after their ride that further helps them to evaluate and analyze their performance, set goals, and make informed decisions related to their training plans.
  3. Accessibility and convenience: One of the biggest perks of these virtual cycling training platforms is the flexibility they offer in terms of accessing these platforms wherever and whenever required depending upon your convenience. All you require is a smart trainer, a bike, and a consistent internet connection. This convenience of these platforms allows users with often busy schedules or in regions of unpredictable weather to enjoy cycling any barriers as well as eliminates the need to travel to various training locations.
  4. Structured Training programs: Many virtual cycling training platforms offer programs that are personally structured by the professional to cater to a specific fitness regime, allowing you to achieve desired results in the required time. These structured programs contain required instructions to help the cyclists and assist them in achieving their fitness objectives more efficiently and effectively.
  5. Social and competitive elements: These platforms often help boost the motivation of individuals and enhance community engagement. With the help of this the users can connect with their peers and fellow cyclists online and engage with them through in-game chats or real-time group rides. Also, they can compete with fellow cyclists from around the globe, which helps in increasing the intensity of the platform thus making it even more enjoyable.

To conclude, these virtual cycling platforms or indoor cycling platforms offer a great deal of benefits and ensure an enjoyable fitness schedule at your house provided you get the right trainers, find the right space for the equipment, and plan your workout properly. Virtual cycling training platforms provide structured and realistic training programs, support data tracking and statistics and promote social engagement and competition that helps in making these platforms much more exciting. Overall these platforms assist you in enhancing your cycling journey and achieve your fitness and performance goals eventually.

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