When businesses purchase your products, you earn profit as a wholesaler, but sometimes it is easier said than done. Running your B2B wholesale platform should be as simple as selling items, but if you need the plan to attract wholesale customers and keep them coming back, it might not be. Low sales may be caused by various circumstances, ranging from costly prices compared to competitors to a terrible customer experience.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase wholesale orders and overall sales for your business or B2B e-commerce platform. Here, we will discuss a few things for wholesale business owners that might help them turn things around. So let us get into the details.

Before we start, let’s first understand how a wholesale business works.

The business strategy of wholesaling entails selling your goods in large quantities via offline stores and B2B wholesale platforms. In this approach, consumers buy products in bulk at once and receive them for less than the retail price. Retailers buy large quantities of merchandise from wholesalers, which they resell to customers. As a result of this structure, retailers can earn a good margin.

Implement psychological pricing & preferential pricing strategies for retailers.

You will get a competitive edge and be able to shift your goods more quickly and readily if you incorporate additional savings into your products through daily, weekly, or monthly deals. In addition, you may implement psychological pricing strategies to get more attention from retail businesses. Preferential pricing should also be included in the strategy depending on the past behaviour of customer and inventory turnover. B2B buyers will look out for these specials instead of paying the higher pricing offered by your competitors. When people work with your organization, they’ll value the additional savings they get, which means you’ll get more business.

These incentive schemes, however, might be short-term viable. Do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure the sales you’re generating are worthwhile. Ideally, you should ensure that the extra business you gain from low prices is a worthwhile trade-off.

Deliver Exemplary Client Service

Always be professional and kind when dealing with customers. Be prepared to go above and beyond for a retailer who buys your items, and never be afraid to occasionally lose a battle to win the war of wholesale business. Show professionalism and respect to each retailer. You may use B2B order management software in USA to offer customer satisfaction.

Just look at Amazon to see how much the tiny things matter. The business introduced several firsts for the sector to elevate the client experience. Free delivery, order tracking, one-click ordering, customer ratings, and suggestions for comparable products are some features that make ordering quicker, simpler, more practical, and less expensive. In addition to its comprehensive, multi-channel customer support approach, Amazon was the first to create a customer review section on an e-commerce website.

Make Purchasing, Shipping, and Invoicing for Wholesale Orders as Simple as Possible.

Automate as many product distribution and order management processes as possible using the best B2B order management software in USA. Automation’s main benefit is that it simplifies these complicated operations to eliminate major pain areas. Utilize automation to finish buy orders, instantly add wholesale goods to your sales channels, compute sales tax, and handle payments. You can offer better, more effective customer service from purchasing through payment and shipment, with fewer resources for manual labor and supervision.

Optimize Your Business

Business owners that successfully manage their organizations demand the same from their suppliers. This implies that your responsibility is to increase operational efficiencies at your own B2B wholesale platform, and you should concentrate on enhancing your supply chain management to achieve this goal. Fortunately, software programs like OrderCircle use automation to enhance order administration, fulfillment, and inventory control.

Make Suggestions on the Order

Based on the retailer’s order, you may propose other products. This process can be automated or handled by a live customer care agent. In retail sales, this is the equivalent of upselling.

Amazon is excellent at doing this. During the checkout process and on each product page, they present clients with related products. This not only makes it simpler for customers to locate related products if they so choose, but it also raises the possibility of cross-selling or upselling, which brings in more revenue for Amazon.

Offer Time-Limited Promotions to Attract Retailers to Place Immediate Orders

Buyers of all types like exclusivity that makes them feel like valued customers. Including definite dates in your offers might give your prospect the drive to change from “maybe” to “yes.” You can capture their attention and give them the impression that they have a unique chance by launching limited-time deals.

This implies that you’ll boost your order and sales statistics shortly and that you can also bring in new clients who wish to take advantage of the offer. Using this strategy is an intelligent technique to move merchandise that has been sitting in your warehouse for too long.


If combined with a successful wholesale strategy, wholesaling may be a lucrative business endeavor. Using these strategies, along with order management software, can help you increase sales. Using this program, you may manage sales channels, monitor orders and inventory, and track sales. You can quickly put precise, current information-based wholesale sales strategy into practice.

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