Painting your home interiors has a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal. However, it is not always necessary to hire professionals for the task. It can prove to be a little expensive. You can just buy the paint from the store and paint the house yourself. There are many DIY wall painting ideas. You just need to possess a few basic painting skills and preparation. Knowing a few additional techniques and putting in a little effort can help you to do a satisfactory job. However, painting the house is not the only thing you need to worry about. You must also store the paint properly and use the right tools. Mentioned below are a few interior painting tips shared by DIY home decor experts that every DIY painter must know:

01 of 07 Make sure that the paint does not dry out

If you leave a half-empty can of paint, it will dry out over time. You cannot prevent it even if the lid is closed. Experts suggest dropping a few golf balls inside the can of paint so that the air space gets filled. You can use a plastic wrap to cover the opening and then seal the can tightly with the lid to prevent air from entering. Also, keep the paint can upside down while storing.

02 of 07 Always apply a primer before painting

Irrespective of your DIY wall painting idea, always apply a primer before painting. If this is the first time paint is being applied on the wall, you must use a water-based primer first so that imperfections can be hidden and the paint can be applied on an even base. However, water-based primer is not appropriate for water-damaged or smoke-saturated walls. You must use an oil-based primer for them.

03 of 07 Use a modified stirrer to stir the paint

You must always drill holes in the stirrer before stirring the paint so that the paint can mix more thoroughly. The paint mixes very evenly when it flows through the stirrer holes smoothly.

04 of 07 Use a roller for adding more texture

Adding more textures certainly enhances the appeal of the interiors. Besides adding various elements to the room decor, you can use DIY wall painting ideas to add more texture as well. It is very simple. You just need a roller that has a longer, ¾” nap, so that more paint can be held. The fabric that covers the roller is called the nap. If you use a roller with a long nap, there will be more stippling on the wall. This happens because of the way the paint gets distributed. However, if you want a smooth finish, choose a roller with a nap ranging between ¼” and ½”.

05 of 07 The brushes and rollers should never be washed

Do not clean your roller or brush if you are using latex paint. It is not required if you are not finishing your painting task in one day. Since latex paint does not dry in cold temperatures, you can just roll the brushes and rollers in foil or plastic bags and keep them in the refrigerator. However, do not start using them immediately after taking them out of the refrigerator. Make sure that they are back to normal temperature before you start painting.

06 of 07 Use new painting tape

While painting your home, you will require painting tape. Avoid using older tapes. Using them can prove to be quite difficult as they might not tear or stick properly. Always buy new painting tape from the store. However, if you do not have new painting tape and your old one continues to peel, you can always microwave it for 10 seconds and make it better.

07 of 07 You must the existing paint type

If your wall has already been painted once, you must know the type of paint used for it. In most DIY home decor ideas, either oil-based or latex paint is used. You can determine the type of paint by performing a small test. Apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rub it on a small area of the wall. If latex paint was used, you will notice paint residue on the cotton ball. However, if you cannot find any paint residue on the cotton ball, it is an oil-based paint. If the results indicate an oil-based paint, you must always apply an oil-based primer before painting.

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