Do you stare at the empty wall or corner of the house and feel something like good decor is missing? Sometimes the wall of the house is often ignored, but with simple ideas, one can convert it into an interesting place.

Whether it is a cozy space for a good conversation, a sitting to sip a cup of coffee, an area for the kid’s playhouse, a memory wall with collage photo frames, etc. is some ways to spruce up the corners of the home. Therefore, this article will help you with some innovative yet simple ideas to create attractive corners for your home. 

DIY Gallery wall:

A small attractive corner is a focal point for the home and nothing beats a wall with a personalized touch. A wall with multiple photo frames, be it with memorable photographs, award frames, or some noticeable quotes will not just make a favourite spot to view but a place to cherish forever. So get such a wall of frames customized and add interest to the overall cliché home interior.

A corner bookcase:

A bookshelf on the wall is one of the successful designs by many interior persons for a valid reason. It does not just add drama to the dull wall but a mixture of unique storage helps in uplifting the space like no other piece. It is an excellent storage example for books, showpieces, green plants, or a mixture of all together. Make such a corner in your place and see how useful it turns out to be that you missed all this while.

Floating shelves:

With the space constraint in all the houses these days, multi-utility products are one of the most attractive pieces to decorate the house. One such masterpiece is floating shelves on the wall. It makes the tiny apartment wall useful in various ways by giving the wall the look of a home office in one corner. It can also keep decorative pieces or study material.

A game point:

If you have kids at home, one can make a boring corner interesting by turning it into a gaming point. This is a win-win idea for both as kids would be happy to have a dedicated place for playing while you would get a great idea to turn your boring corner into a captivating space. Put up an old-fashioned table with a chair and place a chessboard on it. Add a few other games like card games on another small table with calming wall paintings around the wall and a pendant light falling from the ceiling to add that extra effect.

A greener corner:

Corners of the home is an amazing space as we can turn them into art pieces for any room. Yet another fascinating way to decorate the corner of the living room is by putting up plants. Whether it is vertically placing the plants or horizontally placing them on the wall, plants add freshness and relaxement into the room, making it look green and calming.

Whichever idea you implement, each one would add a unique aura and charm to your space. So, revise your space and let us know how cool the idea worked for you.

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