As an independent woman, you know what you want and what’s right for you. Don’t wait for things to come to you, whether it’s a wonderful career, a spectacular trip, or an outstanding piece of jewelry. You don’t need a lover or a family to give you jewelry as a present. You can — and should — go out and buy jewelry for yourself if there’s a unique item you always wanted to have in your collection. Buying jewelry for yourself can be a bit unsettling if you’ve never done it before. After all, you’re spending a lot of money on something you’ll wear all the time; nevertheless, with a little knowledge and shopping, you can treat yourself to something lovely.

So if you’re done shopping for wedding jewelry, but still craving for a little extra whether it’s beautiful studs or a stunning set of drop earrings. We got you all covered. Nowadays, Tanzanite earrings have a great demand among millennials. So, if you’re too looking to buy these stunning jewelry pieces, but don’t know where to start from? Stay connected with us and read our guide to buying Tanzanite Wedding Earrings.

Ultimate Guide to Buying Tanzanite Wedding Earrings:

Choose between studs or drop earrings:

Stud and drop earrings are both lovely styles that offer their own unique touch to your outfit. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you can choose the one that can be more appropriate. While deciding between stud and drop earrings, ask yourself a few pertinent questions. Would you like to sparkle up your look while being simple? Then studs are most likely the right choice for you!

If you prefer something dainty and feminine, but not overly dramatic? Then drop earrings could be the right choice for you. In the end, both jewelry designs can create beautiful themes, and having each sort of earring on hand for different moods and events would be a great investment. Also, never be scared to step outside of your comfort zone.

Choosing the right Tanzanite cut:

The cut of your Tanzanite is crucial because a perfect cut will reflect light, show off the hues and add charm to your earring setting. It contributes significantly to the stone’s beauty and value. There is no standard or optimum cut for Tanzanite, unlike many other gemstones such as diamonds or emeralds. It is entirely up to the purchaser. Choose from a variety of gemstone cuts, including princess, marquise, emerald, round, heart, radiant, and pear to create a one-of-a-kind earring set for you. A symmetrical cut that properly displays your stone’s brightness and the way light is reflected in your stone is something to look at. Take note of where your stone’s light and dark areas appear.

Ask for your stone’s clarity:

Flawless stones remain in high demand and are prized for their beauty. As with many gemstones, inclusions are something to keep an eye out for. Visible inclusions in Tanzanite will appear as minor imperfections inside the stone. The most desired stone will be free of visible inclusions. So, before making a purchase, ask your dealer for the stone’s clarity, whether it’s flawless or has minor inclusions. The stone will be graded ‘flawless’ if no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. However, pure and inclusion-free stones are more difficult to come by and are generally more costly.

Selecting the carat weight:

The weight of a gemstone is measured in carats. However, due to the fact that some gems are denser than others, this is not the case everywhere. When a diamond and a Tanzanite of the same carat weight are positioned next to each other, they will be of different sizes. While carat weight has no effect on the shape or colour of your stone, it directly impacts the prices. When all other factors are equal, bigger stones will cost more than smaller ones.

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