In the year 2017, a great vulnerability in the concept of certificate meaning technology was exposed and is known as the man in the middle attacks. This particular flaw was found in the applications of HSBC bank and several other kinds of related companies in which different kinds of issues were being prevalent in the whole process. Standard testing systems are very much capable of detecting the possible attacks but still, in this particular case they were also feeling and the bank would also be careful about taking some of the specific measures but was unable to deal with all these kinds of attacks.

 The man in the middle of all the MiTM attack is considered to be the scenario in which the attacker will be positioning himself or herself between two users to overhear their conversation and interrupt the data transfer in the whole process. A very common type of cyber attack will be to intercept the communication and message exchange between two parties so that everything can be hampered in the whole process and there is no chance of recovering. Every time the user will be interacting with the website or server the session ID will be created and the attack and with the help of this particular type will be secretly capturing the session ID to manipulate the things with the complete intention of destroying them. Hence, it can lead to different kinds of issues like misusing the transactions, identity theft, password changes and several other kinds of issues.

 How do these kinds of attacks happen?

 MiTM attack will always help in following the straightforward and comprehensive approach in which the attacker will be updating the access to the conversation and will be starting the eavesdropping systems. In this particular scenario, the attacker will become a man in the middle to intercept any kind of message which will be shared between two bodies and the attacker will either be stealing the data or altering any kind of message in terms of getting control over the entire conversation. These are two types of attacks which have been explained as:

Network traffic interception: This particular type of job when the free Wi-Fi will be available and somebody will connect to it because the Wi-Fi provider can steal the data into the background very easily.

Mobile app network security: This particular type will come from the well-known database between HTTPS and HTTP. It will be very much surprised to know for the people that developers will be configuring things incorrectly and can lead to different kinds of security loopholes in the whole process.

 Following are some of the very basic strategies of preventing the MiTM attacks in the whole world of applications:

  1. Implementation of the WAP encryption on the access points is very much important so that organisations always have proper access to the strong wireless application protocol which will help in preventing the attackers from hacking into the entire system.
  2. The utilisation of the VPN for monitoring the traffic between endpoints in the server will also help in limiting down the MiTM incidence because it will be based upon key encryption and the attackers from nearby will also be depending on the share that works which will allow them to penetrate the system and tickly and lead to different kinds of issues. But utilisation of the VPN can be very much successful in terms of preventing this attack.
  3. The organisations should stick to only HTTPS connections because it will help in preventing the hackers from stealing the information or implementing the browser plug-ins. This is also a very good idea to enforce this particular rule and ensure that HTTP counterparts are never used in the whole process.
  4. Implementation of the end to end encryption for all types of communication is a vital step to be taken into consideration by the people and will further be directly ensured by covering a whole range of communication systems like email, video, chat and several other kinds of options.
  5. The companies always need to educate the employees and empower them with the right kind of tools and systems so that regular size and alert relevant teams are very easily taken good care of which will help In dealing with different kinds of incidents so that it is never too late to take the action in this particular area.
  6. The organisations also need to go with the option of investing into the strong authentication protocols so that public key-based authentication and another system that would be helpful in terms of strengthening the asymmetric cryptographic algorithms which will further make sure that public and private keys will be dealt with very easily. This particular server will further make sure that authentication purposes will be taken good care of and everything will be followed by a private key.
  7. Getting the basics done right into the organisations is very much important so that the password manager is very much capable of dealing with things in a very feasible matter and there is no problem at any point in time. This is considered to be the best possible way of enjoying multifactor authentication on the behalf of companies.
  8. Indulging into the implementation of runtime application self-protection is very much important for the organisation is because it is directly linked with dealing with things in the real world and in real-time so that better applications can be launched into the market.
  9. The organisations also need to indulge in the certificate testing systems so that proxy can be developed and certificate type apart from the checking of security and points will be undertaken very easily.
  10. Overcoming the false positives is another very important thing to be taken into consideration and for this purpose interface has to be collected so that different kinds of rules are implemented and organisations can deal with the interface instead of the device.

 Hence, depending upon the companies like Appsealing in this particular sector is a great idea so that organisations have proper access to the right kind of strategies in terms of dealing with the MiTM attacks and implement the best possible solutions.

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