If you are used to regular antifreeze boiling, this should be taken as a serious breakdown. It clearly indicates the engine is under threat! Such a situation can appear due to multiple reasons, but their consequences are very deplorable which can require the services of a car mechanic in Gurgaon.

Reasons for boiling antifreeze 

Whenever the antifreeze boils with a simultaneous jump in the temperature of the power unit above 115-120 degrees Celsius, you must sound the alarm. Most probably, the internal system has one of the following damages:

  • The sensor controlling the electric fan is out of order.
  • The thermostats have a breakdown. Usually, its valve does not open enough, which disrupts the liquid flow.
  • The cooling level has decreased, as well as there are issues with heat dissipation. Most often, it is caused by the negligence of the car owner who forgot to fill the tank in time or because of antifreeze leak through loose or damaged connection.
  • Clogging of the main radiator.
  • Due to a broken overflow valve. In such cases, the bubbling starts 5 minutes after the engine stops.
  • With the entry of air into the system – this is often noticed after replacing the consumables or when the connections are loose.
  • The electric motor responsible for fluid circulation gets damaged. This device turns on when the antifreeze reaches a temperature in-between 80-90°C.
  • Because of the stuck cylinder head gasket, the exhaust gives off thick white smoke.
  • Due to a jammed pump.

What is the danger of bubbling antifreeze 

As a rule, if the engine is heated to its operating temperature of about  90-95 ° (100-115 °), antifreeze does not flow out. Moreover, there are no evident signs of the overheating of the internal combustion engine, and in such cases, there is nothing dangerous in bubbling. However, boiling is not related to the cooling system’s natural operation; it’s a signal for urgent repairs. Such issues can usually overheat the motor. Generally, due to malfunction of the internal part of the power unit,  the camshafts and crankshaft are destroyed. 

When the overheating times reach 10-minutes, engine pistons start melting slightly. When the heating reaches 20 minutes, it’s already threatening;  the appearance of cracks on the head, the curvature of the cylinder head housing,  destruction of the oil seals, and damage to the inter-ring baffles. In addition, when such issues are ignored for a more extended period, the critical moment appears. The engine can simply break down – all the rubbering parts are destroyed, and the pistons get totally burnt out, the valve seats fly out, the collapse of the shaft, breaks through the wall of the cylinder block. Therefore, it is essential to notice problems in the cooling system to take the car to a good car mechanic in Gurgaon.

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