If you have a passion for football and love strategising to win big, the fantasy platform is perfect for you. Dream 11 offers a unique and engaging fantasy football experience, allowing you to create your dream team with real-life players from various leagues and showcase your managerial skills.

This ultimate fantasy football league app helps you understand how points are earned and calculated. With its user-friendly interface, assembling your dream team becomes effortless. You can analyse player performances, study historical statistics, and make informed decisions to create a winning lineup. And as the real matches unfold, your selected players’ on-field actions will be converted into points, rewarding their goals, assists, tackles, and saves.

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy football pro or a newcomer eager to explore this virtual sports realm, Dream11 offers an immersive and rewarding experience that lets you embody both a manager and a football enthusiast. Let’s dive straight into learning about the fantasy football point system on the fantasy app – Dream11.

Dream11 Fantasy Football Point System 

Attack Points

  • Goal scored by a stricker: +40
  • Goal scored by a midfielder: +50
  • Goal scored by a defender or goalkeeper: +60
  • Assist: +20
  • Chance created (the final pass leading to a shot (on target including off target, goals, or blocked): +3
  • Shots on target including goals: +6
  • 5 passes completed: +1

Things to remember:

  • The final touch (pass, cross, or any other touch) preceding a shot, whether it is on target (including goals), blocked, or off target, is referred to as a chance created or a key pass.
  • A player will not be given points for a Chance Created if they receive points for a Fantasy Assist. A player will, however, receive points for a Shot on Target and Fantasy Assist, but not for Chance Created, if a goalie saves their shot and the goal is scored on the rebound.
  • Any goal attempt that is a goal or would have been a goal but was prevented by the keeper or by an opponent who is the last man (with the keeper having no chance of preventing the goal) is referred to as a Shot on Target.

Defense Points

  • For every tackle won: +4
  • For every interception won: +4
  • Saves by the goalie: +6
  • Penalties saved by the goalie: +50
  • Clean sheet: +20

Things to remember:

  • When a player deliberately intercepts a pass by advancing into the intended ball’s path and retains the ball, the action is known as an interception won.
  • When on the pitch for more than 54 minutes without giving up a goal, the team receives a clean sheet.
  • A tackle that results in the player successfully regaining possession of the ball or putting it out of play means the player has won the tackle.
  • A save occurs when the custodian uses any part of his body to stop the ball from going into the goal.
  • When a player misses a penalty kick but the goalie hasn’t touched the ball, the goalkeeper receives zero points for stopping the penalty while the player who missed receives a negative point penalty.

Cards and Other Penalty Points

  • Yellow card: -4
  • Red card: -10
  • Own goal: -8
  • Goals conceded by the goalkeeper or defender (on the field when the goal is scored): -2
  • Penalty missed: -20

Things to remember:

  • A player who is shown a red card will continue to be penalised for goals that his team allows to be scored. For example, the goals that are allowed even after he exits the pitch.
  • When a player receives a yellow card, a second yellow, or even a straight red card, he only receives penalty points for the red card.
  • Regardless of a player’s overall playing time, goals conceded will only be counted for players who were on the pitch at the moment of the goal.
  • The Fantasy Points will be awarded to a player if he was substituted after receiving a yellow or red card for an off-field incident and: a) He had previously participated in the match, and b) After getting a yellow card, he enters the game as a substitute.

Fantasy Football Rules 

  1. The player you pick to lead your team will score twice as many points for their efforts.
  2. The vice-captain of your team will score 1.5 times as many points for his efforts.
  3. For the purpose of calculating points, 54 minutes and 1 second and beyond (54’1″) shall be regarded as 55 minutes.
  4. Those players in the starting eleven lineups will be awarded +4 points.
  5. There will be no more changes made to the total points awarded after a match has been declared over and the victors announced. Only when the match status is “In Progress” or “In Review” will the points given for a live game be subject to change.
  6. Additionally, any event that occurs during extra time will count towards awarding points, while any event that occurs during penalty shootouts will not count towards awarding points.

The Dream 11 fantasy football point system adds an exhilarating dimension to the game, rewarding strategic choices and insightful player selections. By understanding how points are earned and calculated, participants can maximize their winnings and aim for substantial rewards. With an immersive and user-friendly experience, Dream11 fantasy football continues to captivate football enthusiasts of all levels, making it an exceptional platform to showcase both managerial skills and football passion.

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