Going out to the desert is often one of the things to do during a stay in the United Arab Emirates. There are several possibilities for an excursion in the desert in Dubai: quad, ride, hot-air balloon, barbecue,… There are many safaris. And beyond the activities  beautiful places to live in Spain carried out, it is important to choose the service provider to enjoy the most beautiful sand dunes.

All You Need To Know About Desert Trips

For the more rushed readers, I’ll start with a short summary of Dubai Desert Tours. In the rest of the article, we will detail all this because as I said, you have to take the time to choose your safari.

In the rest of this practical guide, I give a rough idea of ​​the price for each excursion that I recommend. To sum up, here are some examples of prices for the Dubai Desert:

Desert Excursions In Dubai

Here I will present these sand dune excursion possibilities. For each outing, I recommend the preferred provider: sometimes for the quality of a barbecue dinner but often more to favor those who go to the most beautiful dunes . You should know that these dunes are part of the immense desert of the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, the name of the Dubai desert is the Rub al Khali which spans Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and Yemen.

You can book here to go to a quality provider who selects beautiful places and offers a very good meal. The exit is in an area where the dunes are high, which gives sublime panoramas. And it is also one of the places where the sand is the redder ocher.

Note, there are also desert tours in Dubai that are shorter, without the barbecue. I advise against these activities because you will not spend less than 2 hours in the sand for as much time on the road

Desert in Dubai

Desert safari + barbecue: included in the city pass!
If you plan to opt for a safari with barbecue dinner, be aware that this excursion is the one that is included in the Dubai Explorer Pass, the city’s city card (which you can buy online here ).

This tourist pass also covers the main attractions such as the Aquaventure, the most famous of the water parks, but also the entrance to Burj Khalifa or the dhow dinner cruise. If you want to know everything about this tourist card, you can check my ticket on the pass to Dubai .

As with the other safaris, the service includes transfer from your accommodation (round trip), a short camel ride and a barbecue dinner before returning to town at the end of the evening.

Quad in the Dubai desert

The quad activity is part of the outing. The time spent on the quad is 45 minutes. If you want a quad excursion but without barbecue, you can opt for this one .

Desert Excursion From Dubai With One Night In Camp
If you want to turn to a desert trip spending a night in a camp, you can book here .

This excursion also includes round-trip transfers from / to the city center, overnight in an Arab tent as well as barbecue dinner at the campsite. During the afternoon, you can enjoy the dunes for the sunset but also for sandboarding or a camel ride.

Dromedary in Bahrain

Breakfast is also included. Departure is from your hotel in Dubai in the early afternoon and you will be back the next day in the early / mid-morning.

Even if my preference is more for a night in a hotel in the heart of the dunes (I will talk about it later in the post), this outing with one night is a good way to enjoy the serenity of the desert, especially in the evening and early in the morning after sunrise. So this is a very good option, especially if you don’t have a rental car.


 this case , I recommend that you opt for the excursion to the Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve ( here ). This is for me the best desert experience in Dubai. Far from the “factory” towers, in a protected desert area where access is limited. And you will see gazelles & oryx there. The excursion also includes breakfast at the most beautiful of Dubai desert hotels. And there is no dune

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