With constant upgrades to technology, TV viewing has also been revolutionized. It’s not just limited to watching a cable channel anymore. Android TV has come up with various new features that have completely changed the experience of watching television. Equipped with Play Store and many other applications, this TV allows you to stream your favourite movie or a series on your television. Easy to function and comes with voice assistance, let us discuss everything you need to know about Android TV, its functioning, and the features it has to offer.

What is an Android TV?

Everything that you relish doing on your mobile phone can now be enjoyed on a television screen this is what Android TV is all about. Though, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to take calls and navigate through your emails however when it comes to entertainment you can use different applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime video and many others, to watch your favourite movie series or listen to music since Android TV offers voice assistance which makes it easy for you to search for your favourite movie, just by a voice command instead of typing and result appears on the screen.

Android LED TV comes with all the essential applications and also provides you the opportunity to download more by Linking it to Google Play Store, so from weather to watching a movie you can now do everything on your big screen.

How does Android TV function?

It discovers 

Learning about Android TV is quite easy. when you first switch on your TV, you will see the main screen or a home screen which contains a row which is also known as the discovery bar. Below that you will see all the suggested content which is popularly searched by many other users. So by using this Discovery bar you can go through all the content offered in that particular application

Voice command 

Just above the interface, you will find a search utility option or a Google assistance. Android smart TV offers you to search for your favourite movie, music, or series through voice commands. The remote comes with an inbuilt mic button, so just with one click and you can start searching.

Applications and contents 

The home screen comes with a row that contains the name of all the applications and featured content that you can browse through. It also comes with inputs such as HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. An Android TV also displays other applications available on the device, such as music, movie, play store, and many others. You can simply click on these and browse for content.


ANDROID TV also comes with a gaming option which you can see on the lower side of the screen. This TV supports, one-player, multiple players, online as well as offline gaming. You can play one round of the game on your mobile and another round on your Android TV without losing the game data.


The home screen of the Android TV contains a section where you can attend to the setting and user guide. The TV settings contain controlling the display, sound, channels, Bluetooth, Network, and necessary application menus.


Another exciting feature of having an Android TV is that you can cast your laptop or your phone to your television. However, this feature lacks in normal televisions, so if you want to cast your content then you have to buy a dongle and plug it into your television. If you are an owner of an Android LED TV this feature is already inbuilt.

In conclusion

Android LED TV surely comes with various benefits and provides you with the ultimate viewing experience. So you can now stream your favourite movies, music, and series on your Sanyo 43 inch led smart TV

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