decoratives laminatesIf you have been recently shopping for your home interiors, you must have noticed that there are a variety of laminates in one form or the other. Available in a range of decorative patterns and colors, these laminates have become quite popular today and are a very versatile material preferred by most homeowners. Laminates are the most popular and widely used finishing layer for plywood, particleboard, wall panels and MDF. They are available in a wide range of colours, designs, patterns and finishes. Let us see what type of laminate finishes are available in the Indian market.

Types of laminate finishes 

Matt finish laminates 

These laminates are non-shiny and give you a matt effect on the surface. They are quite popular as they don’t show marks, scuffs or dust due to their muted appearance and are picked by a lot of people for a sophisticated modern design approach, corporate areas  and worktops.

Gloss finish laminates  

These laminates, unlike the matt ones, give off a shiny or glossy look on the surface. This glossy effect can make furniture in your space look elegant, inviting and eye-catching. Glossy laminates are easy to clean and maintain and are used in a lot of high-classrestaurants, kitchens, salons, spas, hotels, and even in the event industry .

Metallic finish laminates 

These laminates give your furniture a metallic look and besides being durable they are also easier to clean and maintain. Metallic laminates are widely used in commercial areas, buildings, offices, and showrooms.

Texture finish laminates 

These laminate sheets comes in different unqiue finishes and you can actually touch the laminates to feel the textures. Some of the distinctive textures like woven textile, natural wood bark and natural stones are preferred for specific applications like wall panelling or bathroom interiors. Metallic shades are also being used for walls and furniture to give a rustic and antique looks to the interiors. These laminates are also best suited for your kid’s room, Wardrobe, cabinets, living room, dining spaces.

Types of laminates based on their properties 

Fire retardant laminates 

These laminates are resistant to fire as they are treated with a special thermosetting resin to impart this flame-retardant property. Due to this, these laminates are ideally suited for giving makeovers without compromising on quality and safety and can be used for interior design in high-traffic areas like kitchens, shopping malls, industries, airports, hospitals, office buildings, banks, and more.

Antibacterial & Antiviral Laminates 

These laminates resist the growth of bacteria and viruses, it is designed with special nanotechnology which ruptures the virus cells on contact and can be used in locations and spaces that require a high degree of hygiene like hospitals, health care facilities, nursery schools, restrooms, catering facilities, kitchens, fitness facilities, and much more. You can even use them in your living room furniture at home to keep your family safe.

Exterior Grade Laminates 

These exterior grade laminates offer protection against harmful UV rays and are commonly used for constructing outdoor furniture like doors, windows, balcony furniture, swings, lawn chairs, patio settings, and more so that the direct heat does not damage it.

The Uses of laminates 

Laminates can be used for a variety of purposes both in residential as well as commercial areas. Decorative laminates can be used in furniture indoors to design unique and classy pieces while protecting them from damage, you can get laminates in a wide range of colors, textures, designs, and more and it will give you the creative freedom to design your home the way you want it. Being easy to clean & maintain, long-lasting and durable, these laminates are incredibly resistant and strong and can protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, moisture, heat as well as safeguard it.

The Last Words 

If you are looking to pick laminates, then try contacting your laminate manufacturer as well as your interior designer or contractor so that they are able to guide you better to choosing the right kind of laminates to suit your home décor and theme as well as being functional and efficient.

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