According to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best . The first step is to find the right professional. Whether it has been recommended to you by family, friends, the press, the important thing is to trust him and be able to discuss calmly with him. Listening to his recommendations, not having unrealistic desires and expectations, is a form of wisdom leading to success.

Your lawyer: an advisor

Contrary to traditional imagery, the lawyer is not just a litigator: he is the man of law, negotiation and counsel. As a third party in the litigation, it will allow you to keep a cool head and have a clear view of your situation. Indeed, very often emotion interacts with the decision-making process. However, the choice of the type of divorce must be based on reason. Your advice will help you resolve your dispute quickly using the most appropriate strategy, that is, the one aimed at obtaining the best possible result at the best cost . Getting bogged down in interminable proceedings is not the solution.

Chat with your lawyer

You must present your case to him carefully since the smallest detail, which means little to you, can be crucial. It is recommended that you tell the latter the whole truth about your case. Hiding part of his estate or property abroad from him, for example, will embarrass you because your wife / husband is probably aware. Keeping a copy of all your financial documents is desirable. Be very specific about your goals, including custody.

Divorce and real estate

On the patrimonial level, the fate of the property will also have to be the subject of an in-depth examination (sale of the property, joint possession, preservation of the marital home). To avoid any unpleasant surprises when sharing, it is recommended that you have prepared all the necessary documents in advance in order to be able to request to recover a particular property.
Divorce and children: reasonable and responsible parents
Remember that divorce has a strong psychological impact on children. You have to choose a lawyer who will look after the best interests of your children.

Do not harm children . The first mistake often made is to put the brunt of the divorce on children. It is fundamental to let your blond heads live their childhood lives and assume your responsibilities as adults. It is a good idea to look around for family members or friends who have been through a divorce. They will be of great help to you. Children will appreciate being able to chat with other people their age who have experienced the same difficulties.

It is also recommended that parents announce their wish to divorce together if possible, since this will give the feeling that the decision has been taken jointly and that it is being thought through and matured. Finally, you must avoid presenting your new companion too prematurely to your child so as not to hurt him.The best interests of the children . It is also important to avoid any form of argument in front of them so as not to destabilize them. Indeed, spreading your pain on others is anything but constructive. Flexibility of mind, the rejection of all dogmatic and monolithic demands reduce all the potential for conflict. In the complex world of marital relations, there is one simple idea that should serve as a compass: the best interests of the children.

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